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Our system of personalization of Bank customer relationship has 3 features: it gives the customer a deep understanding of the market, it can automatically create personal communications based on the deepest profile and, third of all, it works in the cloud so you can try it right now.


We help banks to increase their x-sell volumes by 10-15% per year via SMS channels, email, call center, digital channels by personalizing communications based on the deep customer behavioral profiling. Yes, indeed. The system can really text personalized SMS, send email and prepare other communications for you. The cloud of personal messages is based on the deep behavioral profiling of clients. This profile consists of a psychographic profile, behavioral profile, lifestyle, life priorities and a dozen additional behavioral scales.
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3 AREAS of Expertise


The system works out a deep client profile which consists of a dozen behavioral graphs, which help to understand in which lifestyle they are interested, which banking products are relevant as well as how to communicate with them.
The system dynamically builds up a so-called “Ecosystem of Opportunities” by collecting data on events from dozens of external sources with regards to events, new restaurants, movies, new mobile apps, books, shopping opportunities...
Then the system immediately personalizes this set of opportunities as tips for each client: where to hang out, where to go shopping, what's new in the movies, etc.


  • Raiffeisen
  • Credit Europe Bank
  • Rosbank Societe
    Generale Group
  • 120M Transactions Analyzed
  • 10M clients are profiled
  • 1M Lifestyle tips given
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  • VTB Insurance
  • Bank Saint Petersburg
  • Credit Europe Bank

3 products

  • Analysis Assistant

    + 10-20% to the accuracy of the existing internal models of the bank

    Labelled customer database: psychographic profile, lifestyle, life priorities, interests, hobbies, favorite brands and places

  • X-SELL Assistant

    + 10-15% to x-sell performance

    Ready highly-adapted communications: sms, email, call center, digital channels for each of the deep profiles and designed for any banking product

  • Lifestyle Assistant

    + 12-18% to the engagement in digital channels

    Advice for customers on finance, banking products, where to hang out and go shopping prepared for each of the deep profiles

What makes us special

  • Data collection

    The basis of the profiling system is the card transactional activity of the client, which we receive from the bank in an anonymized form, as well as their checks, which we receive from the Partner

  • Profiling depth

    Lifestyle, psychographic profile, life priorities, as well as dozens of other scales that will allow you to briefly analyze each client as well as divide clients into relevant groups

  • Ease and the speed
    of use

    You can start using the system right now. A set of ready standard reports is available in the system, which will allow you to solve 80% of tasks without technical training in no time


  • Fast

    You can access the analysis system and manually download and upload data. The option is used at the first stages of cooperation.

  • API

    We can also configure the exchange of data through the API. This format allows you to exchange anonymous data online and without size limits

  • In the IT perimeter of the bank

    At the stages when the real-time response of the system is required, as well as when the data volumes exceed a certain level, we place the key system modules within the bank's perimeter

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