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Bank as an Assistant

AI-Fueled Personal Assistant in your mobile banking app, that your customers will discover every day.

Life Code — Digital DNA of customers

This gives you a chance to boost your Life Time Value metrics with deep dynamic behavioral profiling that includes more than 300 attributes for each customer.

Launching Process

— Fill the form
— Few Days for demo
— Few Weeks for piloting
— Few Months for first results

The launching process begins with filling a form and getting a chance to create a demo in first few days. Followed by some weeks for piloting and finally a result in a month.

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Bank as an Assistant
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What Is a Bank as an Assistant for Clients?

Bank as a Lifestyle Assistant is a service that focuses on the lifestyle of existing customers, unlike conventional banks that only focus on the money of its clients. An Assistant can be launched through existing mobile banking or as a stand-alone Lifestyle Banking app.

Bank as an assistant provides three main services:

Thoughts That Puzzle Everybody:

Although Lifestyle Assistance sounds like a very promising idea, there are certain thoughts that may puzzle everybody. Here is the list of common problems that we can help you with.

Such as:

If you think about these problems — we have a solution for you.

Customer Engagement Is the New Oil
Challenging As-Is
  • Banking products and services have become commodity for customers
  • Price competition is squeezing margins
  • Traditional x-sell approach is frustrating customers and is losing effectiveness
Promising To-Be
  • Bank as an owner of lifestyle ecosystem
  • Multiple new transactional revenue streams
  • X-sell based on customer’s needs and values
3 New Promises to Your Customers
Daily Reminders

Daily personalized emotional messages for the client which depend on their financial behavior and lifestyle.

Provide an escape from busy routine or boredom

Thousands of AI-Fueled Personal Lifestyle ideas and suggestions to brighten the life of its customers i.e. cafes, bars, restaurants, books, presents, movies, apps...

Inspirational behavior for finances based on customer’s aspirations

Many options to choose a money saving mode suitable for the customer and relevant financial advices.

What makes us special?

Unlike conventional companies, our main fields of interest are the common problem of the clients, the study of human behavior and personal communication with them in order to assist as well as help them. For this reason, we work at the intersection of three fields: Behavioral Psychology, Machine Learning, and Banking Interfaces.

Life-Code — DIGITAL DNA of your customers

Special approach for the analysis of customers’ behavior is known as Life-Code.

It is a deep Dynamic Profile of your customers with 300 behavioral attributes including:

  • 4 psychographic profiles
  • 4 lifestyle approaches
  • 8 life priorities as well as 320 interests & hobbies
AI-fueled Assistant Engine

Our main aim is to help your customers make better lifestyle decisions based on their aspirations, interests, plans and friends.

Financial Advices

We provide your customers with advices on personal finance as well as lifestyle suggestions from various sources all over the world, based on customer’s aspirations and preferences.

Products & Services

The list of metrics that we work on depends on a strategy of the bank and department that we work with.

Add Lifestyle Assistant to your current Digital Channels
We provide an opportunity to attract your customers with a new value in the internet and mobile bank apps through 24 hours of personal assistant services.
We aim to provide an optimum of 18-23% increases in the engagement on the digital channels.
Launch stand-alone Lifestyle Banking app for millennials
We will provide you with 2 months of services for MVP stage and 3-6 months for first public version of your new mobile banking app. The app is specially designed for millennials with unique and personal behavioral functionality.
We aim to increase the effectiveness of your media budget by 21-42% for acquisition of millennials.
Deep Dynamic profiling of your customers
We provide you with an opportunity to understand your customers like never before. We provide you with more than 300 attributes about each of your customer and enrich your models of personalization and scoring sets.
We promise to provide 10-20% increase in the accuracy of the existing internal models of the bank.
Launch x-sell assistant for your marketing and CRM team
We give you a chance to take advantage of ready to use highly adaptive means to communicate with your customers. Such as: sms, email, call center, digital channels for each of the behavioral segment of your customer.
We aim to provide a 10-15% better x-sell performance.
Visa, BBVA, Ernst & Young
We provide the first startup that boosts Human-focused services and products that aim to solve a specific problem existing today in the context of daily consumers’ lives. In the Stream of Contextualizing Service Models
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